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World, Meet The Momo Twins-The Internet’s Reigning Cutest Babies

The babies are something most pure and heartwarming in the world. Their appearance can warm our hearts. But what two these little girls have to offer is to squeal on a whole new level. “Momo Twins” because they are monoamniotic-monochorionic, which means they shared the amniotic sac and placenta while in the womb. I mean, just look at these two 6-month-old cuties and try not to smile. It’s impossible, we assure you:
Just look at the incredible and amazing pictures.



Somedays I’m simply not in the mood


Brown bears spotted in the kitchen! Bear hugs, anyone?

You get my point now? Lots of people have freaked out by these chubby cheeks, matching cute clothes and adorable look. Yes the cred goes to their mom, Amber Yong. This mother made her babies the stylish babies in a short time. No matter what she puts on the, onesies or something chick like metallic sleepers, the babies look so cute. In short period she gains over 100, 000 fans on her Instagram profile. The babies Leia and Lauren in short time succeed to entertain a large population on the internet. I am sure you are already searching for them on Instagram.





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