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Johnson & Johnson finally Admits: Our baby Products contain Cancer Causing Ingredients


For one mother the most important thing is her child’s sake and a mother always want the best for the baby, from choosing clothes to, eating healthy to cosmetic products. A mother wants to protect her child from all bad influences, from toxins and even from cigarette smoke.
But what about the bath they use every night. What if there are toxins in the bath. Johnson & Johnson, the world’s largest manufacturer of products for baby care, uses a whole range of products that do not belong near the baby’s skin. It can harm Your Child’s Delicate Immune System.
Every baby has a delicate immune system and if you fill their bodies with toxins and unnatural ingredients, you may be setting them up for a lifetime of chronic illness, autoimmune issues, and poor health.

Unfortunately, the products sold by Johnson & Johnson test your child’s immune system in the worst possible way. They trigger overzealous immune responses, irritate your child’s skin, and leave the immune system weak and vulnerable to other pathogens and diseases. Ingredients Found in Johnson & Johnson Products

If you take one product from this company and read the label you will be surprised of the product name’s consisted in the bath.
1,4-dioxane is the main toxin found in Johnson & Johnson products. The Environmental Protection Agency notes that 1,4-dioxane is linked to skin irritation, headaches, drowsiness, vertigo and liver damage!
Quaternium-15 is one of the main carcinogens found in Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo. This chemical releases formaldehyde, known carcinogen that can react on your baby’s skin over time. Healthy Alternatives
Although the company state they are in the process of removing the toxins it is not for sure how long will take the process and when will finish.
Other companies have toxin-free products, including Sweden, Japan, Norway, South Africa, Finland and Denmark. There’s no reason that the United States should be waiting several years to do the same.

Instead, you may wish to move to more healthy alternatives for your child’s health and bathing needs. Burt’s Bees makes healthy products, although some mothers do not like the smell on their infants.
Companies that have natural baby products include Aveeno, BabyGanics, California Baby, and Little Twig.
It is up to you as parent to make good choices for your baby’s health. Chose the all-natural organic product and protect your little one still you have chances.



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